Was man von hier aus sehen kann



My task for ‘Was man von hier aus sehen kann’ was to re-create and old stud work house (Fachwerk Haus).
The house needed to match the original as close as possible as we transition from a filmed interior through the window of the house and needed to seamlessly switch to the 3d house that then needed to collapse.
I built the house optimized for destruction with a mixture of procedural and classic modelling techniques. An ideal reference was a photography set and Lidar scan made by VFX Supervisor Nils Engler.
The base diffuse textures were created with the help of photogrammetry and needed to be extended / created on every part of the model that was occluded by another object. All textures were procedurally created with a couple of hand made hero objects in Mari.

Destruction setup, destruction, debris, dust etc by Martin Matzeder.
All grass, plants a well as the foreground heap of wood was created by Stefan Galleithner.
Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and compositing were done by me, the keying of the shots was done by Nils Engler.


Modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, compositing


Claussen und Putz Filmproduktion


Houdini, Arnold, RealityCapture, Mari, Nuke