Die Kleine Hexe



On “the little witch” (“Die Kleine Hexe”) I was responsible for creating the LookDev for the raven Abraxas as well as lighting / rendering the Shots together with my teammate Stefan Galleithner.
For Abraxas we built a custom feather recipe system that described the shape of each feather which could later be created at rendertime by a custom procedural for Arnold. This way we could avoid huge caches and long turnaround times and were able to create and simulate feathers that weren’t just textured but consisted of hundreds and thousands of individual curve objects.
As additional challenge we needed to match the look of an animatronic version of Abraxas that was used on set.

Feather Recipe System by Martin Chatterjee, Arnold Feather Procedural by Christian Schnellhammer, Groom / Feather Distribution / Feather Simulation by Martin Matzeder. VFX Supervision by Nils Engler.


Claussen & Putz


Houdini, Arnold, Photoshop, Nuke, Mari